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Latex Pillow and Mattress
About JSY Latex Thailand

JSY LATEX (Thailand) was established in March 2016. We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in development and production of natural latex products. It is also the leading company in Thailand's natural latex bedding products. Our natural latex bedding products include: latex pillows, latex mattresses, latex film materials, latex rolls and other natural latex products.
Manufacture Process
Origin Thailand natural latex
Own 50000 acres rubber plantation
Quality of raw material is guarantee
International standard production and quality control system
Advanced production equipment and first-class R&D team
Cooperation with dozens of international bedding brands worldwide

Quality Control

JSY LATEX (Thailand) currently with five professional natural latex production lines:

Natural latex pillow, Natural latex mattress, Natural latex sheet & roll.

JSY LATEX (Thailand) insists on the production of pure natural latex products, all of which are processed from 100% natural latex without any synthetic latex.

JSY LATEX (Thailand) has a strict quality control system. The company has been established for nearly three years and has been certified and tested by many domestic and international institute

for example TISI、ECO、SGS、LGA、ISPA、CCIC etc..