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Indeed, when a company develops to a certain stage, in order to achieve sustainable development in a highly competitive market, enterprises must have a correct strategy, good organizational management capabilities, and a team of professionals with professional ethics, and talents are undoubtedly the development of the entire company. Only by cultivating talents, through the division of labor and the implementation of effective market strategies, the company can develop benignly. As a leading natural latex product supplier in China, JSY human resources training is mainly aimed at technology R&D personnel, production management personnel and market sales personnel. The company cooperates with internationally renowned human resources companies to develop a scientific talent quality model. By clarifying the requirements of the company's strategy for talents, JSY selects talents that can promote the company's strategic development in talent recruitment.

JSY generally implements a three-stage training program for employed employees, and career planning:

For new employees, the company will conduct different skills and cultural training based on job characteristics. The human resources department introduces standardized institutional processes, organizes professional lecturers, develops targeted courses, and trains new employees in basic knowledge, product knowledge, professional shaping, and corporate culture.

After having the basic job skills and career direction, the company will initially plan an individual career development plan based on the individual's ambitions and ability trends in the work. For technology research and development personnel, JSY provides a two-channel development path for technical experts and technical executives. Technical experts focus on technology development and innovation to solve technical problems; technical executives are good at grasping project direction and product planning, leading the team to complete development tasks; for market sales personnel, JSY also provides business orientation and management direction. For production management personnel, JSY has a ready-made management model. As the company grows in size, more production managers are needed.

The business work will be decomposed into three core points: professional quality, professional quality and leadership quality, and different training methods will be applied to the right people. For example, through the mentor system, the same type of talents can be cultivated and raised rapidly. For the talents who are mainly engaged in the technical route, the company continuously strengthens the post ability and achievement pride of technical talents through systematic technical training, actual project experience accumulation, and learning among technical cows; for talents who take the technical management route, After accumulating considerable technical capabilities, the company will train its R&D team to lead the project operation, communicate with customers and market colleagues, accumulate its ability to control projects and products, and continuously improve its leadership.

The career development plan of all JSY companies is not static. Through the closed-loop process of selecting talents, training, appointment, use and education, companies and individuals constantly adjust their career development direction, allowing companies and individuals to choose the optimal development path
Different corporate culture of JSY
We Are Hiring
Position 1
Thai translation

1. Age: 22 to 40 years old
2, Education: Degree or above;
3, Good in Mandarin, Thai can speak fluently, expressive ability, strong communication skills
4. Be enterprising, have goals and motivation, and have the confidence to challenge high salaries
5, High sense of work, with a good team spirit
6. Those who have relevant sales experience in bedding products

Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for customer reception and consultation. Identify customer needs, provide appropriate products, and negotiate prices;
2. Responsible for follow-up work such as business follow-up, customer information registration and customer relationship maintenance
3. Responsible for the promotion of the company's products, guiding customers to understand the factory, and the products to facilitate business transactions 4. Responsible for the development and accumulation of the company's products, and establish a good business cooperation with customers

Position treatment:
1. Basic salary + sales performance commission 2. Company pays medical social insurance for employees
3. Excellent employees can enjoy travel rewards and outdoor training opportunities

Position 2

HR Specialist

Job Responsibilities:
1. Assist the higher level to establish and improve the human resources system construction of the company's recruitment, training, salary, insurance, welfare, performance appraisal 2. Establish and maintain personnel files, handle and update labor contracts 3. Implement the operational procedures of human resources management practices and the implementation of various rules and regulations, and cooperate with other business departments
4. Collect relevant personnel policies and regulations such as labor and employment 5. Implementation of recruitment workflow, coordination, handling staff recruitment, onboarding, resignation, transfer, promotion and other procedures Qualifications: 1. Degree or above in human resources or related majors 2, More than two years of human resources work experience 3. Familiar with the operational procedures of human resources management practices, familiar with the labor and personnel laws and regulations of Thailand, and practical operation 4. Good professional ethics, steady and steady, careful work, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication, coordination, teamwork spirit 5. Relevant office software, with basic network knowledge 6. Chinese and Thai are fluent
Position treatment:
1. Basic salary + bonus 2. Company pays medical social insurance for employees
3. Excellent employees can enjoy travel rewards and outdoor training opportunities
Position 3
Planning & Marketing Specialist

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the company's overall publicity and planning work, and formulate and implement the company's annual planning and publicity plan; 2. Responsible for content design and text editing of company advertising 3. Responsible for the management and maintenance of the company's website and the updating of the content 4. Responsible for the company's patent product application and other related work matters 5. Responsible for the company's product packaging design and implementation 6. Responsible for the establishment and implementation of the company's image recognition system
Qualifications: 1. Well known in Photoshop, MS Office and other software related to Advertising 2. More than 2 years of Marketing and Planning related work experience 3. Mechanical, Advertising, Computer and other related majors 4. Writing skills need to be profession 5. Have a certain degree of resistance and teamwork spirit.

Position treatment:
1. Basic salary + bonus 2. Company pays medical social insurance for employees 3. Excellent employees can enjoy travel rewards and outdoor training opportunities
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