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Natural Latex
Latex features
Latex is made from oak milk (each oak, only about 30cc in a day), which is made by steps of refining, fermenting, boiling, washing and cutting. It was first discovered by the Spanish conquistadors and named it "the tears of the tree." Latex is widely used in medical and health fields due to its natural and bacteriostatic properties, such as baby pacifiers and medical gloves.
Latex is a good sleep gift for nature. In Europe, people find that to get tired of sleep, natural bedding must be used to provide continuous support and a soft feeling, so millions of Europeans buy bedding made of natural latex every year. Latex is the mainstream of the top bedding in the world's advanced countries. Its unique characteristics can not only meet the needs of consumers, but also meet the new life trend of "returning to nature", that is, the greatest comfort that respects one's own body and pursues life. Latex has been favored by the market and is the main trend of bedding in the future. It is currently booming at a very fast pace in the global market.

Ultra-high elasticity----The ultra-high elasticity of natural latex enables latex mattresses to carry different body weights.

Orthopedic function ---- Latex mattress contact human body area is 5-6 times higher than the ordinary mattress contact human body area, can evenly dissipate the body's weight tolerance, automatically adjust the bad sleeping position, so that the spine relaxes and recovers, thus Orthopaedic function. Breathable and mildew----Latex has excellent molecular structure, can adjust the humidity in the air, good comfort, breathability to ensure your healthy sleep. Durable - international certification, durable, never deformed. Expansion and anti-allergic - tested dust mites will not be close to latex, completely resistant to insects and parasites, to prevent bacterial growth, is the gospel of patients with asthma allergies. Ultra-quiet ---- quiet and silent, turn over at night, go to bed will not affect others, and can effectively reduce the number of turns, let you sleep more stable, sweet.
Independent and comfortable----Each fast latex mattress is designed according to human body structure. The head accounts for 8% of the whole body weight, the chest accounts for 33% of the whole body, and the buttocks account for 44% of the whole body. It is ergonomic and guarantees the body weight. Was reasonably dispersed. Electro-biology----Latex mattress is made of non-metallic parts, which effectively prevents the formation of magnetic field, complete insulation and anti-static, high-tech natural environmentally friendly latex to ensure comfortable and healthy sleep.